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Son of the North by Svetliy-Sudar

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Costume - Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop
Photographer & retouch - Anton Tokarev 
Model - Endi Voznesensky
Weapon by Dolphin White

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Ragnar Lothbrok Leather Jacket (replica) by Svetliy-Sudar

Here you can see the most accurate replica of Ragnar Lothbrok leather jacket from TV series "Vikings", that we finally had a chance to make.  
Available on 
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We made this jacket from soft and durable goat-skin and a thin cowhide as a basis. 
For the overlay we used 1,2 mm cow leather. Form of overlay is pretty specific. It has 15 figured cuts and 2 parts - front and back, which sewn in two shoulder seams. Braided pattern most closely follows the version of the series.
Overlay and outward parts stitched together and with a basis via thin leather straps.

There is a lacing on a sides, starting on the sleeve and to the waist. Thus, two cuts are formed on the sides, so the jacket does not hinder the movements.

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Ragnar Lothbrok Leather Jacket (replica) by Svetliy-Sudar

Ragnar Lothbrok Leather Jacket (replica) - Macro by Svetliy-Sudar

 Ragnar Lothbrok Leather Jacket (replica) by Svetliy-Sudar

 Ragnar Lothbrok Leather Jacket (replica) - Collage by Svetliy-Sudar

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Viking Leather Jacket (inspired Ragnar Lothbrok) by Svetliy-Sudar

Available on 

We finished work on the jacket based on TV series "Vikings". :) (Smile)
For a basis was taken the one of the Ragnar's jackets , however, the customer wanted to make some design changes (e.g., shoulders). :) (Smile)
So in the end we've got something new ... something that could be easily used as another costume for Ragnar :) (Smile)

The jacket was sewn from soft and durable goatskin. We picked up more atmospheric leather with a natural "aging" for cover plates.
We would like to note the laces in the armpits as a design feature. In addition, the sleeves have hidden lacing for elongation.
We have kept the style of decorative finishes of Ragnar jackets, but adapted it to custom size and the modified collar.

P.S. While there were rains, we were able to finish the thematic belt and some outfit.

Viking Leather Jacket (inspired Ragnar Lothbrok) by Svetliy-Sudar  Viking Leather Jacket (inspired Ragnar Lothbrok) by Svetliy-Sudar
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Leather clutch La creazione di Assurdo by Svetliy-Sudar

Clutch is available for order on 
Material: leather
Size 8,3х5,1 inch
Theme for the painting selected by the customer ... the concept has turned out so provocative that we just could not resist :) (Smile)))

"Stuffing" no surprises - there are three main sections; zipper pocket; 6 card socket under the cover and 4 small pocket on the front wall (inside). Closed with magnetic button.
Do not hesitate to ask! :) (Smile)

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May blossom...

Fri May 13, 2016, 9:56 AM

Honor and Glory... by Svetliy-Sudar

"It so happened that after three years, I had a chance to draw Arthur again ... And it was a very interesting experience because I could use all my skills acquired over the three years :) (Smile)
I hope you will enjoy..." Anastasia

May blossom by Svetliy-Sudar

Some spring photo with Vanitas:) (Smile)
Vanitas (Lat. Vanitas, letters. - "Vanity, vanity") - a genre of painting baroque, allegorical still life, compositional center which has traditionally been a human skull.

If you're wondering how this is done, you can see some WIPs

Do not hesitate to ask! :) (Smile)
If you want us to something like that, you can always contact us - Etsy
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Night at the Tavern...

Sun Feb 28, 2016, 11:16 AM

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A small teaser of the current project of our Workshop...

We really enjoyed working on the set of accessories for a Mercenary, so we were not able to keep from atmospheric photoset. :) (Smile)

Night at the tavern by Svetliy-Sudar

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See you in the new year ..! :)

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 10, 2016, 3:35 AM
Hi guys!

The last year has been saturated for us and our Workshop: we worked with Disney, made unique props for the video of one of the dark-groups :), participated in the creatin of amazing cosplay for Comic Con 2015, learned to sew shoes at board;) and added to our "map "a few new" labels "...With us is now Australia, UK, USA and even Japan! :)

But all this would not be possible without you, dear friends! It is you, musicians, writers, roleplayers, cosplayers, volunteers, collectors, travelers and just amazing people who inspire us and makes it clear that we are not working in vain! :)

We love each of you! Therefore, hot tea, homemade cookies and sincere communication are always waiting for you in our Workshop! :)

We wish you happiness and fulfillment of all your desires!

See you in the new 2016!

Alex & Anastasia  

Dv by Svetliy-Sudar Come To Kill The Beast - Bloodborne Cosplay by Svetliy-Sudar Leather diary Back in the USSR by Svetliy-Sudar
huDBqSoHM8I by Svetliy-Sudar Leather longcoat Dante - DMC 4 by Svetliy-Sudar Rey's Wrist Cuff and Belt (Star Wars: Episode VII) by Svetliy-Sudar
GDtq5GEpKk0 by Svetliy-Sudar Bag of The Witcher (inspired The Witcher 2) by Svetliy-Sudar Belt bag for mercenary by Svetliy-Sudar
The Plague Raven (suit-improvisation) by Svetliy-Sudar Sketchbook Steam Powered Zeppelin by Svetliy-Sudar Leather Notebook Vanitas by Svetliy-Sudar
Belt pouch of Warrior Priest (WAR Trophy) by Svetliy-Sudar Raincoat of field investigator. Faction: templars. by Svetliy-Sudar Leather clutch (Kill la Kill) by Svetliy-Sudar
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Holidays are coming..!

Mon Nov 30, 2015, 6:45 PM

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Probably among your friends and family there is someone who would like to get for Christmas not a traditional souvenir in the form of angels ...
but a bunch of real goblin ears ... :)

Or maybe you want to add to your LARP costume a new accessory with mark of Khaine. :)

There is no reason not to please yourself and your loved ones during the holidays! ;)

Enchanted phial (WAR Xmas gift) by Svetliy-Sudar Bunch of goblin ears (WAR Xmas gift) by Svetliy-Sudar The old tin spoon (WAR Xmas gift) by Svetliy-Sudar
Raven skull (WAR Xmas gift) by Svetliy-Sudar Mark of Khaine (WAR Xmas gift) by Svetliy-Sudar Goblin ears on the bone (WAR Xmas gift) by Svetliy-Sudar 

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Witch Hunter's Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer by Svetliy-Sudar

"These poor, simple folk - too fearful or too dull-witted to see the vulgarity and evil in their own midst. They wail and complain about my... uncompromising methods, but who among you can say that hanging half a village is a high price to pay for the assurance that corruption has been exposed and destroyed this day?"
Ernst Traugott, Templar Witch Hunter

Today we want to remember one of the largest and most interesting projects of 2013 - witchhunter’s long coat for LARP Warhammer 2013: Lustria, because it is here that has begun in our workshop the development of direction "Replica".

When we started work on this project, we primarily thoroughly discussed the concept with the customer and choose a likely "model" for the coat. And the most likely was "Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer" from the PC game "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning by Alex Stratulat (

WHunter 05 by Svetliy-Sudar

First of all, we started the most important – finding of the required materials, following the approval of the model and sketches. And here we must pay tribute to the customer, because he turned to us very beforehand. The reason was that searching for suitable leather took more than three months. The fact is that the customer, of course, collecting full costume for the game, and at that time, when he asked us to cloak other craftsmen was producing a hat for him.

    So we waited until he will receive the leather sample from which will be make his hat on his hands. And at this moment we were searching for suitable leather, according to the description and arts. By the result we selected the leather for the base of coat (matte, cocoa-colored)  and  finishing leather (glossy, color of milk chocolate) for the pads on the back and shelves.

    Searching for the accessories was simultaneously with leather, and took about a month, as we waited for supply of desired buckles. The difficult was in that the buckles and rings had to be a certain size, which we received in the calculation of the proportions of all the details of his coat based on the size of the customer.

    Brass buttons we found much faster, but only because of our habit to go into all the stores of fabrics and accessories that come across our way. So during the holidays we bought a little pocket of "officer" buttons from stocks in 1905 ... well, at least they looked like this. :)

    And then was sewing ... :) As always, first we sew a tissue draft - stitched - have measured - corrected - have measured ... :) And only after that we sew from leather, considering all edits. In the process in a cloak we made some changes at the request of the customer. For example, we made sleeve a little narrow, becouse this is supposed to wear a coat with gloves and wearing them on a wide sleeve is somewhat difficult.

    A separate point -constructing of pelerine ... First of all it must have been without seams on the shoulders. Secondly, it must have not too many folds and waves, and, thirdly, does not hampering the movement of the arms while fencing. This requirements specification was initially on the verge of science fiction, so it took a few days to brainstorm about it ... but expended some mountain of paper and a few meters of fabric ... we finally have invented ITS. :)

    Even at the stage of "tissue draft" we started modeling of decorative plates on the fronts and the back and faced the problem of scaling. It was necessary not only to comply with the proportions in the patterns, but the overall ratio to the size coat. Some weeks we recalculated and redraw all the elements of the patterns, so that in the end and we were happy with the result.

Witchhunter's Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer WIP by Svetliy-Sudar  Witchhunter's Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer WIP by Svetliy-Sudar 

   For patterns we selected pyrography and painting. We chosen acrylic, becouse it is the most resistant to abrasion. The painting took more than 12 hours; the whole design was done by hand with a brush in several thin layers to achieving the effect of "gold leaf". But the result was worth it. :) 

   Well, what I would like to say in conclusion ... This project was started in September 2012 and fully completed in May 2013, so that it can be considered the longest at the moment. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the work on it. A very pleasant surprise waited for us in March 2014 - the entourage photoshoot with our longcoat.

    So it is not be amiss to say thanks once again to the customer and model - Andrey Zhukov, photographer - Lana Ksandrius, equestrian ranch "Avanpost" and instructor Sergey Abakumov. :)

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Deathcab for Cutie
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Leather Boots for Geralt (inspired The Witcher)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 7:03 AM

According to your numerous requests we started to sew shoes on pads  :) (Smile) 

Leather Boots for Geralt (inspired The Witcher)

When we creating this replica, we took as the basis the Geralt's boots from the first part of PC game "The Witcher".
As a material we used chrome tanning leather 3,0-3,5 oz.

Capes bilayer, heel cushions glued between layers of upper and lining. Bootlegs was sewed from two parts than lapels were volumetric as on a gaming model.

The sole is attached to the top of the welt-adhesive method, heels recruited from three layers of leather. 
To improve the wear resistance of the soles put on prevention, and on the heels - heeltap.

In the game model boots have decorative elements - straps covering the rise, we have fixed to the sole and straps with buckles under the lapel, which allows, if necessary, adjust the landing leg shaft.:) (Smile) 

Leather Boots for Geralt (inspired The Witcher) by Svetliy-Sudar     Leather Boots for Geralt (inspired The Witcher) by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather Boots for Geralt (inspired The Witcher) by Svetliy-Sudar     Leather Boots for Geralt (inspired The Witcher) by Svetliy-Sudar

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“WAR is Everywhere” (с)

In harsh and grim world of Warhammer is a place only war. And nothing adorns a warrior so well (in addition to scars, of course) as a necklace of defeated enemy’s teeth.

Your character killing crowds of goblins - hang on your belt a bunch of goblin ears. You collect all sorts of dubious forest mushrooms and dried rats? Then your shaman can not do without vial of extracts from them. Or maybe you're very lucky witch, on account of which already a dozen of Imperials - then your choices enchanted vial of blood ...

Now you have the opportunity to personalize your character by special trophies!

The collection includes eight unique trophies, but it's just the beginning ...;) (Wink)

Bunch of goblin ears (WAR Trophy) by Svetliy-SudarThe old tin spoon (WAR Trophy ) by Svetliy-SudarMarauder's belt pouch  (WAR Trophy) by Svetliy-SudarEnchanted phial with sacrificial blood -WAR Trophy by Svetliy-Sudar

A bunch of goblin ears

This trophy will adorn any warrior of Order ... especially someone who has a personal scores with a greenskins.

Materials: vegtanned leather, wrought iron hook, fox canine, duck feathers, copper rings, acrylic.

Dimensions: ears 8,8 inch.

Available on Etsy.

The old tin spoon

This spoon most likely a goblin snatched from some imperial village, but judging by the laces with bones and teeth wound on it, he has no idea how to use it for other purposes, so this is just another one of his many "jewelry "... that glittered and rang ...

Materials: tin, polymer clay, leather.

Dimensions: length approximately 7,3 inch.

Available on Etsy.

Marauder’s belt pouch  

Judging by the rough stitches, mark of chaos and suspicious leather, this bag was sewn by some handyman from the number of followers of Chaos.  Perhaps even from some residents of border villages...

Materials: vegtanned leather, coarse thread, forged iron rings.

Dimensions: 4,1 x 4,1 x 1,6 inch.

Available on Etsy.

Enchanted phial with sacrificial blood

Witch Elves, virgin women symbolically married to Khaine, the god of war and murder. This phial is filled with sacrificial blood, and is crowned by the sign of God with bloody hands.

Materials: plastic, vegtanned leather, epoxy, acrylic, wrought iron ring.

Dimensions: height 6.5 inch

Available on Etsy.

The book of Zealot Path of Witchcraft (WAR Trophy) by Svetliy-SudarThe vial with a strange potion (WAR Trophy) by Svetliy-SudarThe Mark of Disciple of Khaine (WAR Trophy) by Svetliy-SudarBelt pouch of Warrior Priest (WAR Trophy) by Svetliy-Sudar

The book of Zealot  “Path of Witchcraft”

Zealots are the support career of the Chaos Raven Host army, who also do ranged damage. Zealots are fanatical crazed worshippers of the Ruinous Powers  and use Dark Rituals and Harbingers to conferbuffs and heals to his allies, while debuffing his enemies. 

This book certainly contains powerful spells. The only pity that to understand her symbols can only followers of the gods of Chaos. Although taken from the body of the enemy, it will serve as a good reminder of the glorious victory!

Materials: leather, metal (chain-suspension), paper, epoxy resin (inlay).

Dimensions: block  2.5 x 4.5 inch, 1,25 inch thickness of the book, overall depth of 7 inch.

 Available on Etsy.

The vial with a strange potion

The pockets of the shaman are always full of a variety shaman fetishes and accessories.  Among them can be found a bottle with some dubious brew, hung with small bones, teeth and feathers.  And if you managed to defeat the shaman, hang it on your belt ... for good luck.

Materials: plastic (bottle), cork, feathers, polymer clay, acrylic, leather.

Dimensions: height 3,7 inch.

Available on Etsy.

The Mark of Disciple of Khaine

 The Disciple of Khaine is the shepherd of war, ensuring the bloody slaughter can continue in the name of their dark god. This artifact can be found at the dark priests of the bloody handed god, or those daredevils who have managed to kill one of them.

Materials: leather, wrought iron ring, acrylic.

Dimensions: 2,4 x 3,4 inch (mark), 2,4 x 8 inch (with a loop).

Available on Etsy.

Belt pouch of Warrior Priest

This imperial waist bag has been spotted on the belt of a goblin, who keeps in it his "little things and sweets."  Maybe he took it off from the corpse of the fallen noble knight, or priest, though, probably just took off from the sleeping one. So, most likely, someone is already looking for her to return ...

Materials: leather, vintage leather, acrylic.

Dimensions: 5,1 (3,5) * 6 * 2 inch.

Available on Etsy.

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Steampunk Sketchbook - Steam Powered Zeppelin

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 4:54 AM
Sketchbook Steam Powered Zeppelin by Svetliy-Sudar

This leather steampunk sketchbook we made to order specifically as a gift to the artist. 
The artist is a fan of the band Steam Powered Giraffe, so it was important for us to convey the atmosphere not only steampunk style, but also of this music!
For this purpose we have developed a design for sketchbook in a similar style with the album of the group MKIII. 
Well, after the approval of the sketch we started thinking, how do we implement it in life :) (Smile) 

Sketchbook Steam Powered Zeppelin by Svetliy-Sudar

First we select the appropriate pieces of vegtanned leather, transferred pattern and emboss it. When leather pieces has dried we are using nail polish remover to transfer on it the vintage wallpaper pattern which we have already prepared and printed. After that, we with diluted acrylic painted strips of wallpaper. Finally it was possible to start painting! ;) (Wink)
We really like romantic victorian style, but we wanted to add something bright in this gloomy atmosphere. Therefore, our artist painted a very bright sunny sky with birds and light clouds! :) (Smile)

Sketchbook Steam Powered Zeppelin by Svetliy-Sudar

Well and inside everything is practical :) (Smile)
To give sketchbooks additional strength and stiffness between the upper leather and the lining leather we put cardboard. To lining leather we have sewn 27 slots for pencils and 3 large slots erasers and sharpeners.  On the right side we have fixed clamp for sheets (a4). And for easy closing on the back side there are two rubber bands that went for two buttons similar to the vintage door handles. 

To make the painting resistance we covered it by varnish matt.

Sketchbook Steam Powered Zeppelin by Svetliy-Sudar

If you want us to something like that, you can always contact us - Etsy
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Leather mask - The Plague Raven

Thu Mar 5, 2015, 11:55 AM
The mask is made for the stage  character of our friend Faye Odobescu project «Venture to your Dream»
Especially for this mask was made master model forming on the individual sizes of a project participant, considering all his wishes, including the brow line underestimated due to the need to wear a mask with the cylinder. Materials for it served: veg-tanned leather 2.4-2.7 mm (6-7 oz), cattle leather 1.0-1.2 mm and 0.8-0.9 mm sheepskin.
The mask is extended from a single piece of leather and has a single connecting seam on the bottom of the beak, which slotted for breathing. To make the image of completeness, and mask - convenience, sewn along the edge of soft sheepskin, which imitates bird goiter and passing in framing mask covering his forehead and hair. The mask has 5 fixing points, ensuring a comfortable and quite a tight fit on the head that allows you to freely tilt your head and talk without any difficulty. At the heart of the concept lies crow skull, so after we have completed forming stamping anatomical features such as eyebrows, cheekbones, nasal bone, nasal openings and comb beak, followed by painting of an old bone. In addition, the added nuances such as pits, ducts and grooves. In the future we will be able to show you pictures of the finished character, and now present to you the photo of the finished mask on a mannequin.

Leather mask - The Plague Raven by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather mask - The Plague Raven by Svetliy-Sudar

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Deathcab for Cutie
Modern Warfare 2

Leather Notebook Vanitas

Sun Mar 1, 2015, 9:10 AM
Genuinel leather, hand-painted.

Skull - a reminder of the inevitability of death. Just as the portrait is merely a reflection of once living man and the skull is the only form of once living head. He is most clearly symbolizes the frailty of human life.
Birds, butterflies and other winged creatures are old medieval symbol of the human soul. Caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly together represent the life cycle stages and earthly life, death and resurrection.
Cobweb is human frailty.
Dead tree limb embodies human life and is adjacent to the young leaves, symbolizing rebirth.
Vanitas (Lat. Vanitas, letters. - "Vanity, vanity") - a genre of painting baroque, allegorical still life, compositional center which has traditionally been a human skull.

Leather Notebook Vanitas by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather Notebook Vanitas by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather Notebook Vanitas by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather Notebook Vanitas by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather Notebook Vanitas by Svetliy-Sudar

Journal Skin by MissBlackNails

Raincoat of field investigator.

Fri Feb 27, 2015, 12:17 PM

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Faction: templars. Faction: templars.
Includes: coat, vest, removable pelerine, removable lining, belt.
Raincoat made on an individual design of the customer, the growth 186 and the size of 64 .
The basis of the concept was the Order of the Templar MMORPG «The Secret World».
Customer Testimonial - link
Raincoat closed for Two-way zipperthere are buckle on the collar and cuffs.
Lining tacked by lightning, which is hemmed response to the cloak leather belt 4 cm wide, which avoids the inconvenience of wearing. Additionally lining is fixed buttons at the waist and sleeves. There are lined pockets for documents and details. Below the waist lining is leather, which gives the cloak greater wear resistance.
All bearing seams are reinforced with leather straps.
Functional buckles and hooks - power.
The modular system allows you to wear pelerine and a belt, as a cloak, and the vest, for which there are buttons and belt loops.
The kit is designed for everyday wear, but is tailored in such a way that it can be used on LARP, fence and move actively.
When sewing the cloak were used: cattle leather 1,1 - 1,2 mm (Russia), the skin of cattle 0.9 - 1.0 mm (Italy), pork 0.6-0.8 (South Korea), cotton 100 %.
In the manufacture of vests have been used: the skin of cattle 2,8-3.0 mm (Lithuania), the skin of cattle 1,1 - 1,2 mm (Russia).

Raincoat of field investigator. Faction: templars. by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather clutch (Kill la Kill)

Fri Jan 30, 2015, 12:50 AM
Genuine leather, hand-painted, embossed.
Size 21x13 cm.
Inside are three main compartments, pockets for cards and business cards, additional pocket with a zipper.
Closes with magnetic button.

Leather clutch (Kill la Kill) by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather clutch (Kill la Kill) by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather clutch (Kill la Kill) by Svetliy-Sudar

Leather clutch (Kill la Kill) by Svetliy-Sudar

Francesco Alonzo Miralyano (inspired Thief) by Svetliy-Sudar

This summer we have been sewn costume based on the game Thief for Francesco Alonzo Miralyano - character LARP "Warhammer 2014: Lustria 2".

Our main task was to combine and adapt the suit for the realities of departure for role-playing game, as well as make it comfortable, without losing aesthetic source.

Initially, it was necessary to develop a design of the bodice, making it functional and that "male", not like the female counterparts of similar products. Cope with this has helped us in the first place cut, something resembling a wide belt. An important role is also played by a strict black leather and different textures, which allowed without altering the color, make items different from each other in appearance. Adjusting the lacing allows, if necessary, wear a corsage as a suit or other clothing. One important task was to preserve the appearance of the original source, which we have carried out all the details of the proportional adaptation suit customer's individual sizes, as well as study of the embroidery on all elements.

The character of PC game has full leather suit, which allows to mount various items directly to each other. The basis of our project was the same county, as it is more comfortable in a role-playing game. Linen was selected not only for the quality of the fabric (German costume), but also by subjective indicators - tactile feel to the fabric was nice when worn next to the skin. Shirt, pants and hood were tailored separately for convenience socks, but the elements of a cut, such as a two-arm, the presence of codpiece design and hood were as close as possible to the original. Shirt and pants are split jumpsuit tailored on the figure, thus avoiding extra folds under the corsage.

Francesco Alonzo Miralyano (inspired Thief) by Svetliy-Sudar

Despite all these advantages, the choice of linen complicated costume design in general, and in particular the fixing of the bodice.
In this regard, the design of the bodice were added extensive three-part shoulder straps that mimic elements of the original costume sewn and fixed corsage in position.
While working on the set of a lot of attention was paid to the accessories: gloves, bracers, elbow, waist, leg, knee and shins.

Francesco Alonzo Miralyano (inspired Thief) by Svetliy-Sudar  Francesco Alonzo Miralyano (inspired Thief) by Svetliy-Sudar

When creating bracers was necessary to combine the appearance of three-piece design (as in a game) and functionality in use. Side connectors are simulated, and the power cord Bracers familiar from the central connector. However, to preserve the appearance of the original decorative upper and lower functional lacing cord single cord, which took more than 5 meters on each bracer. :)

Asymmetrical elbow - on the right hand, he is a shield that covers the top of the forearm, elbow and shoulder bottom; on his left hand - bracers and covers only the forearm and elbow.
Belt design as close as possible to the original. To him fasten the sheath for a dagger and a sword, which hung to his belt cord, so as not to hamper the movement of the extra leather loops and fixed on the hips.

In the original, knees, shins and pants gathered into a single structure, which is not very sustainable, in our view, in the field of active LARP. In this regard, the knees are designed as a separate element of the costume.

Shin, for special customer requirements, are made of a dense skin so that they can be put as with any soft leather shoes, and with army boots, depending on the conditions at the site.

The two-layer construction of all elements eliminates the possibility of an inner side to the other parts of the costume. All elements are governed by the buckles on the back of tightening through the oval frame.

Special thanks to Vyacheslav Potemkin (for photographers).
Our workshop thanks shop "Golden Calf" and in particular Faye Odobescu for help in choosing the skin)

Leather Notebook Olorin

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 3:33 PM

He wore a tall pointed grey hat, a long grey cloak, and a silver scarf. 
He had a long white beard and bushy eyebrows that stuck out beyond the brim of his hat.” Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! 
Leather, painting, ink.
At creation of background  used the sketch by Alan Lee.

Leather Notebook Olorin (LOTR) by Svetliy-Sudar

Untitled by Svetliy-Sudar

mhCHMBp2a-Y by Svetliy-Sudar

Druchii assassin's male leather armor

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 20, 2014, 9:21 AM

This summer, for Warhammer LARP in our workshop was created armor for druchii assassin.

Veg-tanned leather, forming, embossing, painting.

Druchii assassin's male leather armor by Svetliy-Sudar

Chest & shoulders. 
Natural vegetable-tanned leather, forming, stamping, painting. With adjustment for 4 pairs of straps (3 on the sides and one on his shoulders)
All elements of the Chest and Shoulders connected mobile. It allows to freely tilts, swivels and move arms.
Shoulders are removable, fastened by loops on the shoulder adjustment strap. Also have their own adjustments on the straps on the bicep.

Druchii assassin's male leather armor - Bracers by Svetliy-Sudar

Druchii assassin's male leather armor - Greaves by Svetliy-Sudar

Made out of genuine leather and linen, embroidered by hand, this backpack is designed for just this hobbit. :) (Smile)
Inside, in addition to the main compartment, you'll find two large pockets on the front and rear walls and two side pockets, on to small things. Outside there are two pockets with buckles. 
All buckles are hand made of brass (Master Jon).
Sizes: 28 (31.5) h38h16, 8 cm, volume of 17.75 liters (31 pint) :) (Smile)
And are you ready to travel ..?;) (Wink)
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Bilbo Baggins -Hobbit's leather backpack by Svetliy-Sudar

111 by Svetliy-Sudar

Untitled by Svetliy-Sudar

Untitled by Svetliy-Sudar
Untitled by Svetliy-Sudar